Monday, November 13, 2006


I am so ticked I could spit. Yay imagery! This whole girl scouts thing is driving me crazy. We have a troop treasurer, and so far her only job has been to open an account. She got the position in May. We still have no account. I have asked her several times, and have even said that if she was too busy (since she's the PTA treasurer for our local school), I could open the account, no problem. Now we have a problem. We had 3 girls join the troop and they aren't registered because we had all the parents make out checks to the troop. And so the checks sit in my house. With all the paperwork, ready to go. I have already written a check to cover one of our activities that the troop was going to pay for, and now it looks like I'm going to have to do the same for this. My service unit director is going crazy, and rightly so, because the new girls aren't covered by girl scout insurance. I'm going crazy because I delegated and what's the point of delegating if I have to basically do it myself through nagging? I've emailed her several times, asking what she needs. I emailed her one form, then she finds out that she needs the checks to open the account. I've offered to drop them off at her house or at the school, whatever works for her. Then my co-leader forwards me an email the treasurer sent her, basically saying that she (the treasurer) is confused at what we need to do. I'm done. I called the service unit registrar to see if she has a membership form that I need, but no one has called me back. Now it looks like I have to call the service unit director who isn't too happy with me to get the form from her. I'm just not in the mood to be in trouble, especially since it isn't my fault.

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