Monday, November 13, 2006

Four years

Four years ago I went into the hospital to give birth to baby #3, our second son. Joshua has been such a joy in our lives. My mother told me I could stop after Michaela, since I had a boy and a girl. I'm so glad I didn't. Josh Josh has been more of a joy than I could ever imagine. He is so happy, and that happiness is contagious. He's probably gotten away with more than he should have over the years. He loves his video games and can sing everyone's theme song in Star Wars. He loves to look at animals, but doesn't want them within a 10 foot radius of himself.

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Kristine said...

Happy birthday cute Josh!

We miss you!

I cannot believe how much Anneliese reminds me of Mischa...Holy cow...the kid clone machine with both boys and girls in your family was at work!