Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Michaela!

Six years old today. Boy, how time flies!! Mischa was by far my toughest C-section recovery. I couldn't lie down and remember hating my hospital roommate for being able to toss and turn in bed. I slept semi-sitting for over a month. I also had my first bout of postpartum depression with her. I remember sitting on the couch, looking into her sweet face when she was about a month old, and seeing that sweet smile for the first time. She has since grown up into quite the young lady. I think she truly does believe that she is a princess. She loves to draw, and has quite the eye for shading and detail (she tackled a Chinese pagoda last year). She always has a smile on her face and tries her hardest to always do what's right. She is a great sister and a great daughter. Some boy is going to be very lucky 20 years from now. I love you, Michaela!!

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