Thursday, March 30, 2006

Poor, poor Anneliese

Yesterday my baby, Anneliese, turned 1. The big 1, and I didn't post. Hopefully this isn't an indication of what being the fourth has in store for her. I tend to think of the 1st birthday as more for the parents than the kid. My stepmother was going to call, then said, "it's not like she'll remember I was a day late". First birthdays and Christmases are pretty boring around here. My oldest daughter, Michaela, will be 6 next week, and I had a niece born 3 days ago, so my stepmom is a pretty busy lady right now. We're going to have a shared party for my daughters, with me doing the cakes. My other kids had really nice first birthday cakes (I do cake decorating), but with most of my stuff still in boxes, and the fact that no one is going to eat 2 cakes, I'm trying to find a way to scale down. I'm thinking cupcakes this year.
I wanted to wait to post until I got a picture of her, but I forgot to 1: tell Perry to help me with it, and 2: even if I did #1, I took the camera with me to take pictures of my new niece. Such is my life.
Kristin, the cute new niece

Noone got to escape the birthday hats, not even my 93-year-old grandmother (whose preferred drink of the evening was strawberry milk, as you can see).

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