Thursday, April 27, 2006

Divine protection

Yesterday was pretty scary. Caleb had his first field trip involving a sack lunch. When he was getting off the bus, it looked like he had been in a fight- his eyes were really swollen and there were a few red blotches on his face. When he got to me, I recognized it as an allergic reaction. Took him in, popped a few Benadryl in him, and asked him about his field trip. They had gone to a museum with a chocolate exhibit and I told him that if they handed out samples he couldn't have any because of his peanut allergy. He then told me that he had a peanut butter sandwich in his sack lunch. He had opened the sandwich to see what it was. His teacher said that she didn't notice the swelling or blotches, but when DH came home 4 hours after me giving the Benadryl, he could still see it. We've never come up with a field trip plan so I know his Epipens weren't with him. I am soooo thankful that Heavenly Father granted me this "freebie" to learn from. I wrote the principal and teacher, and needless to say, we will have a plan in place for the rest of his school career.

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