Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stone Mountain June 5th

One of our favorite places to go in Georgia is Stone Mountain. We've bought a year's pass twice. We decided to take advantage of the summer and went several times before we moved. This was our last visit there. We did several things we hadn't done before.

Antebellum Plantation

There are several things to do at the plantation: petting zoo, gardens, and several buildings to tour.

Riverboat Ride

The Scarlett O'Hara was a fun, peaceful ride. Except for when they blew the horn. They gave you less than a second's warning before they blew it. Not cool.

Confederate Hall

We walked down the mountain (you would've thought we were walking up by the way the kids were complaining. At the bottom is Confederate Hall. You can watch a movie on the battle in the area and they have displays on the battle and also on the geology of the mountain.

Memorial Hall

We did Memorial Hall the visit before, but this was Perry's first visit. There are displays of the history of the area (Native Americans), as well as the history of the carving and recreational use of the mountain.

This is the Antebellum Plantation:

The petting zoo:

Mid-90's with Georgia's summer humidity and you'd look like this, too.

Pigs are Joshua's favorite animals, after bunnies and chickens.

Some flowers on the grounds:

We went to the garden. This is one of the carrots that had been pulled up that morning. It reminds me of the mandrakes in Harry Potter.

The gardener let the kids each pull up their own carrot.

An artichoke plant.

Mischa loves the magnolias.

This was a schoolhouse.

When I asked the kids if they'd like this as their schoolhouse.

The piano in the schoolhouse. Mischa loves old pianos.

The Scarlett O'Hara.

The wheelhouse.

Ready for the trip!

732-bell carillon donated by Coke after the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

A rock outcrop in the parking lot:

One of the favorite things for people to do was pose in Blackjack's mouth. Blackjack was Jefferson Davis' horse. There is a life-size replica of the carving in Memorial Hall.

In Confederate Hall.

After walking down the mountain, we walked back to the mall. These are some pictures from the walk back.

Waiting for the laser show to begin.

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