Friday, July 23, 2010

The Fun of Moving

As far as the actual moving went, we couldn't have asked for anything better. We travelled through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansa, Oklahoma (my first time there), New Mexico, then finally Arizona. Nothing that we've seen has been broken (though I'm missing a shelf for the cabinet of my computer desk, cleaning supplies, hot pads, and junk drawer contents still). I'm almost all unpacked inside the house (the garage is kind of scary, but I'll worry about that next week). I think the only room that still needs some unpacking is the playroom/loft. I still need to organize what I've unpacked (my poor pantry looks like a grocery store exploded), and I'm dying to paint (four kids are murder on flat white paint, but we'll have to wait for the Georgia house to sell first), but we've settled in nicely.

The kids are missing their friends, but tonight I was told we have the best McDonald's that they've ever been to, they love the waterpark and parks here, and Arizona is very pretty.

I have been taking at least a picture a day since we've moved, but my laptop (where we download the pictures) hasn't been hooked up to the internet until last night. I think I'm going to do separate picture posts for main events (like going to the International Wildlife Museum), and one or two comprehensive picture posts. Events will be out of order for awhile. Once I get caught up with that, doing one post a day should be easy, since the kids will all be in school (I can already imagine the quiet, lol!).

Well, the screaming has started upstairs.

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likeschocolate said...

I am glad all went well. You guys must have been lucky. Moving is usually never fun. It down right stinks. Glad the children are postitive too. What a blessing!