Monday, August 25, 2008


In the past three weeks, I've:

Been to the beach at Ocean Isle, North Carolina (thanks Dave and family!)

Seen Caleb get his Purple belt

Been the playmate for a superhero

Sent children off to school

Josh really wasn't sad about going to school- his leg hurt after sleeping on the couch

This so didnt look blurry to me when I took it- welcome to my mornings

2/3 of my kids came home that day- hey, it's more than half, right?

School was so fun he wanted to go back the next day

Baking up a storm

Where the Wild Things Are cakes for a boy's 2nd birthday. The above cake was his personal smash cake and would have a cutout of Max and his boat on it.

A baby shower cake

A House of Blues birthday cake

A friend's birthday cake
  • I've also been really busy with PTA (this time of year I gather all of the volunteer interest sheets the parents bring in and I put them into a spreadsheet to send out to all of the chairs of activities). Good thing I love data entry!
  • I'm also lead Room Mom for Joshua's class and co-Room Mom for Mischa.
  • For Cubs I haven't done too much except for a planning meeting. We're Webelos this year, so I've got to get on that! Caleb is on track to finish his Bear in this week.
  • Girl Scouts has kept me hopping! Tons of training (at least one a month), getting our troop calendar organized and getting ready for a camping trip next month, stepping up as a co-Service Unit director (I'm the middle man between the troops in our area and our Council), and troop organizer for our school (we gather the interested girls' names (did I mention how much I love data entry?) and try to get troops started from that).

Over the year, these things ought to spread out some and be easy to keep up with, but the start up and organizing all at one time is quite crazy. I think I'll join Liesie for a little nap-


SandyM said...

Thanks for the link to your blog. I can finally see everything! The kid pics are great. You must be twins cause no one could possibly do as much as you. Have a great week!

kodiak73 said...

No wonder you haven't had as much energy for running... You even fell behind in your beloved data entry of your running miles...

Jamie said...

I only ran once last week because of my callous, so I only have my run today to put in.

Likes Chocolate said...

I don't know how you do it. I am impressed. Have boy scout meetings started. We come home this weekend. See you soon!