Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've got quite a few things to blog about, but they all involve downloading pictures from the camera- so it might be this weekend by the time I get around to it.
One thing I don't need pictures for is Mischa's first day of school tradition. In first grade, she fell asleep on the bus ride home and was found after the last drop off. Last year, she fell asleep again (Caleb had gotten sick the first day and went home early) and wasn't found until the bus was to start its middle school drop off run. This year, my friend joked about how many kids would be getting off of the bus. Josh ran off, all smiles. Caleb ran up and gave me a hug. And....no Mischa. One of the girls at the stop ran back on to see if she was asleep. Nope. I came back inside expecting a message from the school saying she had missed the bus. Nope. What I did get was a message from my Brownie co-leader that she had her. An assistant had put the wrong bus sticker on her. Luckily my co-leader is the last stop and her girls know Mischa. The poor girl was in tears for thirty more minutes after she got home. It's almost become funny to us, but Mischa sure wouldn't mind it if this year was the last for this tradition.


kodiak73 said...

If I were a rich man, our kids would be in a private school, and you would probably have to drive them there and pick them up... hmmmm, not a very catchy 4th verse.

I'm sure all involved would be happy if we were to end this tradition with this year.

Real said...

Yeah, that's quite a tradition you've got going there! When Baboo was in kingergarten was also put on the wrong bus the first day after school. The second day (her first riding the bus to school) she got off at the stop for the 4-6 graders. No one told us the bus would be making two stops. And no one noticed when a kindergartener got off at the big school!

Lucky for us, it only happened one year though. Maybe you need to stick some sort of homing device in her backpack.