Tuesday, January 08, 2008


These are the kids' pictures with Santa this year (or last year, as Caleb just now pointed out to me).

Anneliese went last and even then she wasn't too sure about him, but he got up and came to her

Joshua has always been afraid of Santa. Even at the ward Christmas party this year, he wanted nothing to do with him. Last year we came to this Santa and Joshua didn't want to sit on his lap at all, but as we turned to go out, he changed his mind. This year, he was the one who asked if we could come to the "Santa with the lights".

All I want for Christmas is a pink homework organizer. Really. And I've drawn a picture of it. It's quite simple, really. Little drawers in cubbies with roll down covers. All the elves were able to come up with on such short notice were a Dora storage cube with 3 drawers.

All I want for Christmas is my other front tooth to finally start growing in (his other tooth had just started to finally grow in after about 6 months!) and Transformers.

Just a little of why he's the "Santa with the lights". You could probably see his house from an airplane. Every square inch of his house is decorated. His bedroom is all Nativity sets and the front room is a huge train village with a waterfall. It's really cool. I'm glad Santa has a North Georgia home.

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