Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting There

Well, I've just about finished my to do list. I still have to find the darn cable to the digital camera (I'll have to admit I haven't looked yet). I'm almost done with my FHE lesson (just have to stick magnets onto my visual aids), but I have to find a Native American game to play at our pack meeting next week. Liesie is still wearing her kitty costume. The chocolate is just about gone, thankfully.


Kristine said...

Cute new look.
And congrats on moving forward on that list.

Funny, we could hardly get Bam-Bam to wear his costume...he kept taking parts of if off.

kodiak73 said...

I like the redesign honey. I think a white text would be easier to read though...jmho.

The best part about Liesie and her cat outfit is not that she wears it, it is that she also meows and LICKS YOU!