Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yummy Lunchtime

Boy, you know you're life is slow when you start posting about a sandwich, lol. I'm really trying to start eating healthier (and lose weight!) and lunchtime doesn't seem to have the same promise it did when a 99 cent chicken sandwich with fries was on the menu. The Sonic being built next to the church I go to MOPS doesn't help, either. Mmmm, Sonic....Lunchtime around here is pretty dull. Leftovers for me, corndog for Joshua, that sort of thing. I'm not very inspired to cook when the weather is so hot, so ungrilled cheese sandwiches are often on the menu for Mischa. Caleb will have a double mustard, mayo, and ketchup sandwich with tomato (he'll even have it without the tomato, lol). Today I was trying to come up with something that would compete with the evil fast food and came up with this- a grilled turkey and tomato sandwich with cheddar and mozzerella cheese. Pretty yummy, and Mischa even got her sandwich cooked, too! I might have to go out and buy some more bread and tomatoes. It was hard eating just one, but what good is healthy eating if you eat too much. Darn those calories!!!


Perry said...

"Life is slow"??? That is NOT the story I get when I get home from work! I guess I will have to go with your new confession and assume that your life is now slow. Perhaps you meant tedious, boring, monotonous, repetitive, mind numbing, but that is not what you said... Love ya honey!

Jamie said...

I meant life is slow when the most exciting new thing that happens that day is a new sandwich.