Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Run Away! Run Away!

I had been promising to take the kids to feed the ducks for awhile now. We tried one pond that I knew of, but there was a sign posted not to feed the geese. So, I talked to my friend when I overheard her mention taking her kids to feed the ducks. Turns out there is a lake not too far from us and she said the ducks were usually nice, though the last time they went, the geese started to get a little snippy. Deciding to take our chances, we gather our stale bread and head on out. We find a nice parking spot by the lake and an adult and 3 juveniles (they were still downy, but were getting the colouration of adulthood, but the markings were grey) come waddling out of the water and into the grassy area between the lake and the parking lot. The goslings were peeping left and right, it was really cute. I take out the bread and instruct the kids to throw it away from us as far as they can. I hear some loud splashing from the lake- there are more geese showing up. It was really neat to see them landing in the water. I look down the path along the lake side. More geese are coming, and coming fast. Joshua starts crying. He's got his bread and those geese are as tall as he is. I look around and we are outnumbered 10 to 1. I counted 40 geese around us, with probably about that many on their way. I decide to cut and run while we still had time. "Ok, kids, back to the car, and fast!" The geese started following us to the car. I was starting to feel a little scared at this point since I was the one holding the bread. Luckily, Joshua dropped his entire piece of bread. The goose that grabbed it couldn't swallow it, so the other geese were following him, trying to get their share. Those geese got only 4 slices of bread. I guess the birds in our yard will be getting a little treat tonight.

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