Sunday, June 25, 2006

Run to Grandma!

Deepo and the kids at the Georgia Aquarium

My mom came and visited us last week. The kids were soooo excited. They went with Perry to pick her up from the airport while I stayed home and did some last minute picking up. The weekend was pretty quiet- grocery shopping, church, the usual. On Monday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. That was pretty neat. There were 4 whale sharks there. Tropical Diver and Ocean Voyage were the best exhibits. We went really early, to avoid the crowd. We took the light rail train there, so that added to the adventure. One part of the Ocean Voyage exhibit I thought was really neat was the schools of rays "flying". I had never seen them in schools before. The Tropical Diver had the jellyfish and garden eels. It was kind of creepy to see them sticking out of the sand. This aquarium was different, in that it almost felt like a theater. Music was a big part of the experience. I did wish that they had more docents telling about the animals.

A school of stingrays

One of the four whalesharks

Too bad this one didn't turn out- they were in front of a huge glass wall

Do ya think Caleb thought it was cool?

We started potty-training Joshua on Tuesday. Not fun. He hasn't had a successful poop yet, but at least he isn't peeing in his pants anymore. He won't voluntarily go to the bathroom, though. He has to practically be bursting, and even then he might not go. He just cries and cries. He's been really cute, telling me "no, thank you" when I ask if he has to go, and when we told him once that getting off the toilet wasn't an option, he insisted that "it was an option".
On Wednesday, the kids played in the pool and went to Jeronimo's. Right now the kids can jump free on Wednesdays, from 3-5 p.m. In July and August, he's having a special of a $50 family pass, unlimited jumping. We are so going to be there, lol. On Thursday, we went shopping and got some outfits for my birthday. I hate clothes shopping for myself. I am never good at finding the deals or what looks good on me. My mom did a really good job in picking things out, things that I would've never picked for myself. I'm slowly moving away from my jeans and t-shirt college look. The only bad thing was that I'm a size 10 now. Really gotta get cracking on the exercise. It didn't help, either, that my mom bought a whole bunch of snack foods. If they're in my house, I'll suck them down like there is no tomorrow. I even quit buying the poptart flavours I like just so I won't be tempted.
All in all, the week went by way to fast. Perry was gone Wednesday-Friday, so the company and help with the kids was really nice.

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