Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visiting the North Pole

We go to Santa's North Georgia Embassy before Christmas every year (this is our 3rd year). He and Mrs. Claus go all out in decorating their yard and house. My favourite room is their bedroom. All of the decorations there are nativities. They have a huge yard size nativity in the corner.
Caleb asked for an I-Coaster roller coaster set (and I guess the I-pod to go with it).Mischa wants silly putty.
Joshua is fixated on a wireless Wii nunchuck.Liesie was too shy again to sit on his lap. But she wasn't shy enough to accept a candy cane from him. She wants a Barbie.
After we saw Santa, I put her down to give my arm a rest. She started to throw a fit and we told her it wasn't a good idea to be bad this close to Santa (we had received a call from him the night before for setting off his naughty radar). Joshua chimed in "Yeah, you'll receive a lump of coffee!"

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Real said...

Ha! I was going to blog the same thing. Kelvinator was too shy to talk to Santa and wanted me to do all the talking and Ikept telling him to do it himself because it was almost time to leave and other people were waiting. He never did. And as soon as we left the little place with Santa, he sat down on a bench and would NOT move. I tried and tried to get him to "come on!" Finally I just bent down and whispered into his ear that it probably wasn't such a good idea to be this naughty right where Santa claus could see him. Boy, he jumped up and glanced over his shoulder. And even though he was still really mad and scowling, he did walk himself right out to the car!