Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creative Minds Needed

In an effort to get any sort of commenting going on my blog, I am starting a new blog and need your help naming it. I lack any sort of creative talent and anything is better than Jamie's Cakes.

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kodiak73 said...

Okay, here is my stab...

Jamie's Occasional Confections

It communicates that your cake's are used to celibrate occasions AND/OR that you are not a full time business, only as the occasion arises. The other adjectives I considered (replacing "occasional") worth mentioning were: intimate or customized. I was looking for a way to capture the one on one nature of your business or if nothing else to differenciate your product from a standard grocery store "cake".

There's my two cents. Can't say I didn't come up with anything. Maybe nothing of use, but not nothing.