Wednesday, October 11, 2006


What a wild weekend this was! Four adults and nine kids- all together for Caleb's baptism. It was a whirlwind getting it all put together- most of the planning happened a few days before, but it all came together in the end. We have such a wonderful ward that supported Caleb (or Calem as was printed in the program, lol). Seeing Caleb in that little white jumpsuit with rolled up pantlegs overwhelmed me with such wonderful feelings and memories, both of my own baptism almost 16 years ago and the previous eight years. Caleb hasn't always been the easiest to raise- he has a massive stubborn streak and quite the temper (I think it's to show that my sister Toni wasn't adopted- those genes have to be linked somehow!), but he can be the sweetest and most caring kid out there. I love how his mind works and the connections he makes. I loved the face he made when his Uncle Dave offered him some frosting in his talk on baptism, and right before Caleb got to it, dipped it in dirt and asked him if he still wanted it. Remember, frosting with dirt isn't good. His excitement in making this covenant with Heavenly Father just showed in his face. As a mom, you wonder sometimes if your kids will ever "get" certain things. You can explain something until you are blue in the face and get that blank look on the face staring back at you. I have no doubt that Caleb felt the Holy Ghost that day, testifying about the joy Heavenly Father felt about Caleb making this step, and that this was the right thing to do.
I was also in awe of the Priesthood power used for this baptism, and to know that my husband is a worthy holder of it. I have been blessed by the priesthood many, many times, and know it has been restored on the earth today, but to see it in use to bless the eternal life of my child was just amazing. Wow.

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Kristine said...

I totally got the chills reading this blog entry, and it wasn't from my cold, skunky bedroom near the computer. I completely felt the spirit testifying of the truthfulness of what you wrote. Thanks for sharing this day with us in this way. I truly do wish we could have shared this special day with Calem (lol) and your family.