Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happiness is...

Being able to use a new blog design for more than two weeks! Thanks for the design Matie Kay!

Edited to add that I'm really happy how fast it comes up, too. Guess DIY blog design isn't my thing.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Not really, but I thought I would share this idea now while I remembered it, lol. Mischa's Sunday School teacher made these Advent Candles for her class this year. She just used puffy paint to decorate it. It has a paper with a scripture a day that highlights an attribute of Christ. Of course, it will probably be next Christmas before I can find the paper...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yellow Belt

Caleb moved up to the next class in Karate and got his yellow belt.

Why yes, I do need to be involved somehow whenever the camera is out!


These are the kids' pictures with Santa this year (or last year, as Caleb just now pointed out to me).

Anneliese went last and even then she wasn't too sure about him, but he got up and came to her

Joshua has always been afraid of Santa. Even at the ward Christmas party this year, he wanted nothing to do with him. Last year we came to this Santa and Joshua didn't want to sit on his lap at all, but as we turned to go out, he changed his mind. This year, he was the one who asked if we could come to the "Santa with the lights".

All I want for Christmas is a pink homework organizer. Really. And I've drawn a picture of it. It's quite simple, really. Little drawers in cubbies with roll down covers. All the elves were able to come up with on such short notice were a Dora storage cube with 3 drawers.

All I want for Christmas is my other front tooth to finally start growing in (his other tooth had just started to finally grow in after about 6 months!) and Transformers.

Just a little of why he's the "Santa with the lights". You could probably see his house from an airplane. Every square inch of his house is decorated. His bedroom is all Nativity sets and the front room is a huge train village with a waterfall. It's really cool. I'm glad Santa has a North Georgia home.

Christmas in Bethlehem

One of the churches in nearby Canton does a recreation of Bethlehem every Christmas. Everyone is in character, and they really go out of their way to make it as real as possible. Real food to sample, real fish in the fish market, younger kids harass the Roman soldiers. It's really neat.
The city is lit only by firelight.

This is the closest you're getting to my money tonight!

This little guy was only 4 months old.

Llama llove

Pretty necklace

This little guy was only a few days old

Snow Angels

This is the cake I made for our ward Christmas party. I love Halloween and Christmas parties- they seem to have the really fun cakes.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to the Real World

Six o'clock comes too early around here. Especially when your husband greets you with a "welcome back to the real world" comment. He's lucky my aim is lousy that early in the morning.

School started today, after two weeks off. Not that I got too many days to sleep in, though. Something about kids going to bed fairly close to their bedtimes (me, way past) and having fun toys to wake up to had me not sleeping in all that often. Then church started at 9, so I'm down to sleeping in once a week, which is turning into a very busy day for us, so I don't think I'll be seeing any good sleeping in until summer. I guess I could go to bed earlier, but that would be too easy.

We had a great Christmas. My mom came over from Phoenix and I think she was glad to get to my sister's house and sleep in a little after her visit here.

I have a ton of start of the year stuff to get to today, so I don't have time to blog about it right now, just wanted people to know we were still alive.